Midtown puxi shop
  • bin:Locker I type、Locker II type、Locker III type、 XS type、X type、M type、L type、XL type、XXL type

  • address: Shanghai Putuo District Lane 613 Suide Road, No 19, 5F
  • subway:Line 11, qilian mountain road subway coverage
  • bus:727 road, 744 road, 838 road, 937 road, 1223 road, 1206 road
  • driving:10 minutes drive to the central elevated xincun road entrance
Telephone hotline400-680-5507
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  • Company address:Shanghai Putuo District Lane 613 Suide Road, No.19, 5F
  • Business Consulting Hotline:021-56790335
  • Customer complaint telephone:021-56790335-808
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