Sunshine natural
  • Midtown since storage option property to build high quality storage space on the ground, the ground not only neat and bright, handling, storage and more safe and reliable.

  • Midtown since the silo with good natural lighting conditions, can be directly through the wide glass window sunlight reservoir area, will not only help of the daylighting, and the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can sterilization.

  • Midtown, since the inventory take advantage of natural ventilation, through natural ventilation regularly, make your items "breath of fresh air.

  • Midtown since the inventory control in temperature throughout the year for 14 to26 degrees Celsius, humidity remain between 30% and 60%, store items more care for you.

Multiple security
  • Midtown self-help warehouse by whole security alarm system, CCTV hd CCTV, real-name intelligent entrance guard system constitute a triple security, combined with the administrator time tour warehouse, complete configuration of fire fighting, 

  • Traditional warehouse storage is easily to the distinction between area for segmentation, can't get tight security, safety and private midtown since the storage system and strictly implement one storehouse door lock system independently.

  • Midtown since the silo joint insurance company based in warehouse for each user to provide insurance, and issue a corresponding policies, the above insurance included in your use warehouse cost, you don't need to pay extra. You can if you need to purchase additional insurance.

Transport facilitation
  • Traditional warehouse in the suburbs of the city, midtown the silo in urban core area, guarantee the customer can at any time and easily find our inventory.

  • Midtown since the silo with only select surrounding a large number of bus lines and subway transportation hub in the site for the goods storage requirements of customers to provide services.

  • Midtown since the storage location is located in the large-scale high-end area, with plenty of parking space, can let your vehicle running smoothly, to waive your parking concerns.

Size varied
  • Midtown from different storage silo fully for the social people from all walks of life demand, customized reasonable specification from storage. In our inventory, you can choose from the volume of 0.8 cubic meters to 26 different type warehouse to store items.

  • Midtown since the inventory from the perspective of rational utilization of storage space, in view of the size, style complex objects, particularly with functional diversity, flexible combination of the changed parts, your goods can be put in good order, make you more at ease.

Flexible tenancy
  • Flexible lease regardless of the length, all according to your demand, as little as 30 days, up to 10 years. We also certify that during the period of lease, you can lift type storehouse and change the lease at any time.

  • Midtown since the inventory is not because of low cost and lower the quality of customer storage services, but by the customer store experience, priority depends on the cost pricing method to the standard price for the general customers to provide storage service.

Free access
  • Service 24 hours a day, 365 days, the member to the system of intelligent entrance guard card in and out at any time. In nearly 200 square meters area of free space can rest and recreation, free publication, tea and wi-fi, warm and thoughtful, build the free and comfortable home for you.

One-stop service
  • Midtown since the inventory not only provide you with high quality storage service, and also have their own transport strategic partners, we will provide you with one-stop parity door-to-door transport service, truly one-stop services.

  • Midtown since the inventory at present we have many chain stores in all parts of Shanghai, system management, and convenient when necessary you can find our the first time.

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