Personal storage
  • Spring Festival away from a city, temporary business, or to travel, you need to temporarily left luggage, store things, popular mini warehouse for you to provide security file luggage service, short to month, to year, you can put the baggage securely stored here, between a single himself locked keys. Both short-term and long-term demand deposit, help you reduce easily.
  • Years of precipitation will leave many things that have the good memories, toys, paintings, photo album of the witness children growth footprint instrument. Like collections of calligraphy and painting, such as books, model, a collection hobbies you will also have a lot of precious collection, and put them in a midtown between private storage silo, namely do not take up too much of a living space, also can be in control of humidity environment properly stored for a long time, let you rest easy.
  • Personal legal privacy items, on the side is not safe, need a belongs to own large space with close illicit, can put the valuables deposit to midtown from storage, at your free access, absolute secrecy safety, without your authorization of self-service access, you can only 24 hours in midtown since the inventory for you to keep his mouth shut, trustworthy.
Family storage
  • Size pieces of furniture, POTS and pans, a sofa, a television and other valuables can't find the place temporary storage? Find a midtown from inventory! Now the domestic urban planning changes fast, no matter you are old house demolition, to buy a new house, or just move in or out of the new city, home decoration is need a lot of time and energy. Use our midtown since the silo storage size pieces of furniture, POTS and pans, sofa, TV and other valuables, can save the high cost.
  • The home of things pile, the more change garments according to the clothes, children's toys, fishing gear, golf clubs, bikes and other sundry, long life space in the home, in the modern urban house prices high, let it occupy so much of life too waste of space, midtown from inventory to help you solve all kinds of accumulation of debris in the home, also you a comfortable life space.
  • Different seasons, midtown since the inventory is a strong support of the housewives. The family's clothing, bedding and appliances inventories in midtown from storage, at home only clothes, bedding and put a quarter USES electric equipment, not only can greatly reduce the pressure of the housewives, can also maintain the cleanliness of the home environment.
Enterprise storage
  • Enterprises need a file repository. Division in the more and more many files, bills, vouchers, mountains, and cannot be destroyed or even need to store a fixed number of year, if in the company can take up valuable CBD office space. Midtown since the storage company for the enterprise to provide convenient file storage service, at the same time also can hold some not commonly used office stuff. Release the space, make the office tidy and spacious, utilization rate is higher.
  • Can be stored in a midtown for storage. Every year Shanghai held all kinds of large-scale exhibitions, business exhibition after many exhibition supplies dropped too waste, save next year can also be used, the use frequency of the exhibition items cannot take up valuable office space for a long time. Keep these items in midtown from inventory, constant temperature and humidity environment can ensure the goods properly preserved for a long time.
  • Kiss, online business is getting better and better, more and more baby, piled up in the home is certainly not a long-term solution, stored in a midtown since inventory designed specifically for small and medium-sized electric company and make the goods warehouse, ensure taobao sellers, wechat business goods storage. Can at any time without being limited by the time to tally, packaging, and then inform the Courier to collect the goods.
  • Enterprises need to store all kinds of foreign trade goods, transshipment goods, etc., midtown from storage has a number of passenger freight elevators, convenience into the shipment at any time, and are equipped with a trolley tools such as free of charge.
Student storage
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