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      Midtown self storage belonging to the Shanghai City in the storage services Limited, is China's self-storage industry leader.
      In the city since the store is committed to the individual, family, business and students to provide easy, simple, convenient and safe and reliable self-service storage solutions for the overall solution, the release of your home and office space. In the city since the storage of different customers understand the pursuit of a comfortable life and the corresponding space requirements, creatively provide ideal storage space diversity, let everyone release themselves in their own living space, enjoy the comfortable and high quality of life. We provide our customers with the price is affordable, flexible lease, year-round self storage facilities and services.
      Along with the city residential space has caused more and more needs of all types of storage, storage in the city has always been committed to provide self-service warehousing services is safe and reliable, flexible and convenient for the modern city, hoping to use the mature industry's own experience will be self-service warehousing services extended to the whole country, let more people enjoy in the city self storage to bring you a comfortable and free new city life.

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